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The Social Life of a Widow

NOW THAT MY HUSBAND IS GONE IT WAS LIKE HE TOOK ALL MY FRIENDS AND SOCIAL LIFE WITH HIM! Now that my husband is gone it was like he took all my friends and our social life with him! I completely understand this as I have seen it time and time again. We have gone through various stages in our life that are very similar...READ MORE


The Financial Changes of A Widow

Sabrina, now that I do not have my spouse’s income what will I do? I want to assure you that I understand transition is hard. Transition after grief is even harder. With financial change you feel your losing everything to include your loved one. In this article I want to share with you a few tips to help with the tran...READ MORE


How long after the funeral ends will people stop checking-in?

I was asked by someone recently who was experiencing grief and wasn’t used to people bombarding with phone calls, facebook messages, and the mailing of sympathy cards. She asked me “Sabrina, When will they stop checking in?” I want to share with you our local customs of sympathy and how long it lasts. Now this is typ...READ MORE


Grief talk and the first date, what you might not have expected!

Sabrina, I was so embarrassed that I received an invitation to go dancing and my husband has only been “gone” 7 months, should I go? My encouragement is do what you feel you are ready to do! If you can take the chance to go out and have a little fun time then go for it. Please do not hesitate because you are worried a...READ MORE


Children and Grief

Ever wonder if your children understand when someone dies? Do they understand what death is? Do you know when they’re old enough to attend a funeral? As the mother of four daughters and a Certified Funeral Service Professional, Funeral Director and Embalmer, I want to share my experiences with children and grief. Si...READ MORE


Our services and timelines of what to expect while we serve you 


Meet with the Funeral Director to plan arrangements.

 ID. View, Visitation/ Wake/ Vigil


You will receive a 24 hour phone call from the Funeral Director

(2 weeks)

Meet with the Funeral Service Advocate

Death Certificate(s)

PIN for Legacy Touch Keepsakes/fingerprints

Help close out accounts, change mail, notifications list

Meet with Sheldon Mitchel, to prepare and update Estate Planning

Last Will and Testament

Beneficiary Designations

Durable Power of Attorney

Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will

(1 month-9 months)

Grief Meetings are available for you for free!

Headstone setting ceremony at cemetery and flower plans

Gravemaker for genealogy for free!

Call from Funeral Service Advocate to Discuss your Funeral Arrangements

(End of the year)

Memorial Program for Christmas

A walk to remember through our city park showcasing your loved one

Follow us on Facebook for events and ways to stay connected in grief.

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